I'm Joely, I live in a small town in Canada. I'm 16 years old. I love to talk, so don't be afraid to c:

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1. I’m quite awkward even though I try not to be

2. I have my phone with me almost always.

3. I only have a couple people I’m close to 

4. I live in the P.E.I..it’s tiny I don’t blame you for not knowing what it is.

5. At this moment I want 7 tattoos

6. I always have my nails and toe nails painted.

7. I wear a fair amount of makeup because I’ve had problems with appearance.

8. I self harmed.

9. I really do not do any physical activity 

10. I always wear a ring my grandmother bought me 2 years ago with my birth stone on it

11. I try and help everyone

12. I get yelled at often by people for being a “bitch and selfish” when I’m trying to help

13. When people are closed off I love being the person to get them to open up

14. I have commitment issues

15. I have a general hatred for everyone

16. I have brown hair, blue eyes.

17. I’m scared no one will ever love me for me and not my body.

18. No matter how cliche, music is the only thing I have

19. I hate my school. I don’t want to go back.

20.I have my belly button pierced.

21. I want my cheeks pierced (chipmunks) and my nose.

22. I enjoy playing piano and guitar, it helps me escape everything

23. Band members are my heroes

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